gravures à la pointe sèche

Tsantsas, recueil de 4 gravures pointe sèche, 40 exemplaires, 75€ port compris

2 commentaires:

  1. Caroline! I'm María,the Spanish girl that was with you at the workshop in Tallinn.
    I'm writing here because is the more easy way for me to contact with you. I'm so sad because I couldn't say good bye last Saturday but we were really hurry for not miss the bus.
    I want to tell you that was a big pleasure for me work with you.

    Good luck in your live and work,
    big hugs


  2. Oh Maria, I just read your message!!!
    I realised that i left Estonia without any email of you and the other girl...
    A lot of people around me love the little book we made!
    A had a very good and interesting moment doing the workshop with you Maria!
    thank you